How to Apply

Step 1:
Complete the Online Application-This is the parent/guardian Mercy Application Form

Step 2: Pay the Application Fee-Parents should pay the non-refundable application fee of $100.00 here. Please note that your application is not considered "active" until we receive the $100.00 fee.  

Step 3: Register for the SSAT-All 9th grade applicants must take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT). Visit to register for the test and for additional information. Please send the results directly to Our Lady of Mercy by entering our school code, 5585, when registering. The SSAT will be given at Mercy on November 16, 2019; February 8, 2020 and March 7, 2020 After the March 7th date, students must take the SSAT at a different location. All 10th and 11th grade applicants must submit PSAT scores. If no PSAT scores are available, 10th and 11th grade applicants MUST take the SSAT. 

Step 4: Complete the Student Questionnaire-The Student Questionnaire must be completed and handwritten by the student and returned to Our Lady of Mercy.  

Step 5: Deliver Recommendation Forms-Download the Mathematics Teacher Evaluation and Language Arts Teacher Evaluation forms and take to your teachers. Completed teacher forms should be mailed directly from the teacher or school. 

Step 6: Deliver Records Request/Principal Evaluation Form-Download the Records Request Form and Principal Evaluation and take to your school. This completed form, official school transcript, standardized testing and discipline record should be mailed directly from the school to Our Lady of Mercy.  

Step 7: Deliver Parish/Church Verification Form-Download the Parish Verification Form and deliver to your parish. Completed forms should be mailed directly from your pastor and returned to Our Lady of Mercy. 

Optional Step 8: Financial Aid Application- All applicants seeking financial aid to attend Our Lady of Mercy must apply online by going to the FACTS Tuition Management website. FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment is used to process all financial aid applications. 

Important Information: Health Records- Once your student is enrolled, Our Lady of Mercy will request your child's Immunization Records through the Georgia Immunization Registry.