Academic Policies & Graduation Requirements

Our Lady of Mercy is a college-preparatory high school. Minimum requirements for graduation are in line with local and state requirements.

Course Credit Requirements
Mathematics - 4
Science - 4
Social Studies - 3.5
English - 4
Theology - 4
Foreign Language - 2
Fine Arts - 1
Health/Physical Education - 1
Technology/Business - 0.5 
Total: 24 credits for graduation

College-preparatory curriculum must include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and an advanced course (Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, etc.).

Our Lady of Mercy requires students to take a minimum of two (2) years of the same foreign language.

Theology is required each year of attendance.

The courses listed above for graduation are considered minimum requirements. 

Grade Scale 

 Average       Grade
90-100               A
80-89                 B
74-79                  C
70-73                  D
0-69                    F

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP classes are offered in American History, World History, Calculus (AB & BC), Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Government, Spanish, French, English, Psychology, Computer Science, Biology, and Art.

AP test fees of $97.00 will be collected before the first day of school. Students who register for AP courses may not drop after classes begin and are required to take AP tests in May. Failure to take an AP test will result in a failing grade for the course.