About OLM

Our History

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School is a co-educational, college-preparatory high school guided by the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Mercy's 54-acre campus is centrally located, six miles south of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

OLM is fully accredited through  District-Wide Accreditation of The Office of Catholic Schools.  Each school maintains full accreditation through AdvancED (the parent company of SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

In 2000, Mercy opened its doors marking the first time a Catholic high school had opened in the Atlanta area in over 45 years. By 2002, grades 9-12 were offered. Mercy's charter class of 19 students graduated in May 2003. In August 2010, Our Lady of Mercy celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Today, Our Lady of Mercy serves approximately 300 students from 9 counties - a student body that is rich in both diversity and talent. Staff, faculty, and students prayerfully strive to uphold things valued most at Our Lady of Mercy: academic excellence, faith formation, small class sizes, well-trained faculty, updated technology, and diverse extracurricular programs.

Our Vision

As an archdiocesan high school, Our Lady of Mercy will be a national model of excellence in Catholic, college-preparatory, diverse education, challenging students to reach their full potential in mind, body and soul.

Our Mission

Our Lady of Mercy, a college preparatory school rooted in the Tradition of the Catholic Church, transforms students by providing opportunities to excel as Christian leaders through rigorous academics, inclusive extracurricular programs, and Christ-centered activities.

School Motto

Enlighten the mind, Inspire the soul, Strengthen the body.

Core Virtues

CHARITY: Our Lady of Mercy inspires its students to love God for His own sake and their neighbor as themselves; to give willingly in service to others; and to labor and not seek reward, save that of doing God’s will.

INTEGRITY: Our Lady of Mercy instills in its students the desire to be persons of honor by exhorting them to lead lives of honesty and respect while extending to others the dignity that is inherently theirs.

DILIGENCE: Our Lady of Mercy develops in its students the perseverance necessary to achieve excellence in all their endeavors.

COURAGE: Our Lady of Mercy strives to encourage in our students the strength to stand firm in the teachings of the Gospel and show mercy and kindness to everyone.

RESPONSIBILITY: Our Lady of Mercy cultivates in our students accountability in their actions, acceptance of the consequences of these actions and the wisdom to grow from both their successes and failures.

Mercy Facts and Figures & Graduating Class Statistics

Our Community

As an academic community, Our Lady of Mercy maintains excellence in teaching and high expectations for learning in an environment that values scholarship and achievement. Our Lady of Mercy offers a curriculum that cultivates in students extensive knowledge and academic skills, intellectual acumen, formation of character, aesthetic appreciation, and physical well-being in order to prepare them for college studies, civic leadership, and the life-long pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty.

As a Catholic school, the educational mission and doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church guide Our Lady of Mercy. Through formal instruction, common worship, and religious activities and service projects, Our Lady of Mercy assists students in forming their consciences by emphasizing the dignity and integrity of the individual, the primacy of transcendent values and Christian morals, and Christ’s call to love and serve others, especially the poor. Our Lady of Mercy strives to assist students in developing a healthy prayer life that incorporates both private and communal prayer, and an appreciation for the vitality of Catholic spirituality.

As a Christian community, Our Lady of Mercy strives to develop a community of care and concern; to befriend and show confidence in our students; to create a spirit of hospitality and kindness to members of our community and visitors to our school; and, inspire our students to heed the call by Christ to leads lives of leadership and service to their fellow men and women.

All of the programs offered at Mercy are guided by these principles and are extensions of the mission of the school.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a division of AdvancED and is a member of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and the College Board.